Learning Outcomes

Global Citizens

  • Eastern Star Schools students demonstrate an understanding of their own identity, culture, and heritage and seek to learn more about others.
  • Eastern Star Schools students are effective communicators both linguistically, and artistically, and are able to communicate cross-culturally with a diverse population.
  • Eastern Star Schools students work cooperatively as individuals to achieve common goals within a group.
  • Eastern Star Schools students cultivate strong, lasting, and meaningful relationships through a strong sense of empathy.
  • Eastern Star Schools students are attentive to the needs of their community, and have a strong sense of responsibility to serving their community through community service.
  • Eastern Star Schools students recognize the necessity and importance of the natural world.


Eastern Star Schools’ mission is to provide a quality education with its dedicated staff and internationally recognized programs in a caring and encouraging environment to raise its students as global citizens and lifelong learners who are ready to become problem solvers of the future.

  • Eastern Star Schools students demonstrate literacy in math, science, and technology.
  • Eastern Star Schools students are effective problem solvers, who think analytically, critically and competently.
  • Eastern Star Schools students formulate their own ideas based upon sound analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Eastern Star Schools students present their ideas creativelyin a clear and organized way, in both written and spoken form.
  • Eastern Star Schools students are life-long learners that pursue academic and intellectual excellence beyond their academic career.